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Specialists in strategic transaction advice in all property deals where optimal asset growth is an absolute prerequisite.

Our services

Our services

One hundred per cent commitment every single time

We have our sights firmly set on a fixed goal: to do our utmost to deliver the most highly qualified transaction advice possible in every single one of our assignments. We work with three main areas: sales advice, acquisition advice, and strategic advice.

We appreciate the value of long-term relationships. That’s why we take full project responsibility throughout the acquisition and sale phases of the transaction process. From strategic analysis and valuation to implementation and contract signing. Our transaction advice encompasses all property types – individual properties as well as property portfolios and corporate portfolios.

Sales advice

We maximize the value of a divestment.

Acquisition advice

We create the conditions required for successful acquisitions.

Strategic advice and analysis

We provide strategic advice and analysis.

Sales advice
We conduct the entire sales process. With us you always have a sounding board and we provide advice and assistance on vital strategic issues that may arise along the way and also conduct analyses as required. We understand the importance of structured marketing featuring directed sales activities and consistently maintaining ongoing individual contact with all potential buyers. Compiling information and producing sales material of top class is as important to us as delivering a well-structured due-diligence package. We manage viewings, obtain and analyse bids, coordinate the due-diligence process, and assist in final negotiations, contract wording and handover. Doing our utmost and delivering one hundred percent commitment are always the fundamental building-blocks of every assignment we undertake.

– with sale and leaseback
If you own your property, known as “investment properties”, we help you release capital tied up in your operation by selling the property and subsequently contracting you to rent the same property from the new owner. We ensure that this sale and leaseback contract is structured in the best possible way based on the needs of your operation so that your company can continue to focus on developing its core business.

Acquisition advice
We guide you throughout the entire process. From initiation and identification of the property to be acquired to implementation of financial valuations and value assessments, in-depth analyses and the coordination of due-diligence processes. We produce the necessary data for you to take a proper decision and provide support in negotiations all the way to contract signing.

Strategic advice and analysis
We help you determine allocation strategies, evaluate business and development potential, and carry out directed analysis and research. In addition we serve as a sounding-board when you are faced with strategic property-related decisions.

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Reference cases

Evidence of our commitment

We’re with you from start all the way to the finish. As your project managers we take full responsibility for the entire acquisition or sales process. Want to know more precisely how things are organised? Here you can read about previous projects in which we have handled all the transaction process stages including analyses and valuations ahead of acquisition and sale.

Development project, Karlskrona


Location Karlskrona
Client Real Holding
Sales volume Not disclosed
Buyer Skanska
Seller Real Holding

Bauhaus in Gothenburg


Location Sisjön, Göteborg
Client Alaska Fastigheter
Sales volume APPROX SEK 500 MILLION
Buyer Bygg-Göta
Seller Alaska Fastigheter

Commercial portfolio of 11 properties


Location Sisjön, Göteborg
Client Alaska Fastigheter
Sales volume APPROX SEK 500 MILLION
Buyer Regio
Seller Alaska Fastigheter

Prime office building in Gothenburg


Location Göteborg
Client Bygg-Göta
Sales volume APPROX. SEK 650 MILLION
Buyer Bygg-Göta
Seller Pareto

Retail properties in Uddevalla


Location Uddevalla
Client Grandab
Sales volume Not disclosed
Buyer DigiLed
Seller Grandab

Logistic property in Jönköping


Location Jönköping
Client NREP
Sales volume SEK 45 MILLION
Buyer Corem
Seller NREP

Residential portfolio including 56 properties


Location Falköping
Client Heimstaden
Sales volume SEK 593 MILLION (EUR 61 MILLION)
Buyer Balder Falköping

Sisjödepån – a single-tenant distribution unit


Location Göteborg
Sales volume SEK 133 MILLION (EUR 13.7 MILLION)
Buyer Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget (SBB)

First-class residential property in central Gothenburg


Location Gothenburg
Client Magnus Månsson Holding Fastighets AB
Sales volume Not disclosed
Buyer Sigillet Fastighets AB

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In our world everything is about giving your very best, your utmost, every single time. It’s an immeasurable driving force and the only way that we want to work in order to serve as your expert property advisor. From our structured, innovative processes to the way we manage our broad contact network.

Panreal is an independent, partner-owned property advisor specializing in transaction advice for the sale and acquisition of commercial properties and property companies on the Swedish property market. We offer comprehensive advisory facilities and service to property owners and investors. Our clients include construction and property companies, institutions, composite funds and private investors.

We aim to be your natural partner for all property deals where optimal value growth is an absolute prerequisite. And our ultimate mission is crystal-clear – to secure commercial success.

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